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The MOF telescope system.

The MOF telescope system.

In addition to details on Mojave Solar, this page also contains a brief description of helioseismology.

The Magneto-Optical Filter (MOF) is a tool astronomers can use to learn more about how our Sun works. This page has more on the MOF.

The MOF is capable of measuring the line-of-sight component of the Sun's magnetic field using the Zeeman effect. This page has more about magnetic imaging with the MOF.

The MOF measures fluctuations in the velocity of the Sun's surface via the Doppler effect. This page contains more about Doppler imaging with the Magneto-Optical Filter.

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Click to request information.

Mojave Solar isn't the only place where solar observations are being made. Here are a few other sites that also study the Sun.

Want to learn more? Here are some other solar physics and space-related Internet locations.
The Site Glossary contains a list of helioseismology-related terms and their definitions. Please feel free to e-mail us if there are any you feel are missing. For more information about this site, or if you just have questions please e-mail us.
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